Mandy Foods Cannery


At the end of 2008, we completed an investment of more than eight million Euros for the modernization of the Mandy Foods Cannery in Glina, Ilfov County. This investment made it possible to install the most modern technological lines available in the global market at the time. The project was co-financed from EU funds, through the SAPARD Programme.

Our plant lies on 160,000 square meters, and has a production capacity of ten million cans per month.

With regard to the rating of meat processors, Mandy Foods has an A rating, and due to the fact that we meet high food safety standards, our plant is approved for intra-Community trade.


Here are a few attributes that define the Mandy Foods brand, our team and our plant:


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Nutritional qualities, food safety, health

We select the ingredients for our recipes very carefully, in order to obtain tastier products that would even win the hearts of the most demanding consumers. The nutritional values of our products and responsible food processing, with results that are beneficial to the consumers’ health, are equally important.



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Strict quality checks at every step of the workflow process

We constantly invest in technology, research, and continuing professional development of our personnel, so as to constantly exceed our own quality standards. We carefully check the quality of our products at every stage of the workflow process, from procurement of ingredients to packaging, labelling, storage, and transport.



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Respect for consumers

Starting with the launching of the Mandy Foods brand, our products are part of the everyday life  of thousands of consumers, which is an honour for us and compels us to always keep up with their preferences and lifestyle. Therefore, we constantly adapt our product portfolio, we create or adapt new recipes, and we try to satisfy all ever-increasing demands.