History of Mandy Foods

In 2000, the Morad Group took over the assets of the Semi-Preserved Products Division of S.C. Glina S.A., establishing the Cannery Factory of the Group. The Glina Factory had been established in 1970, by taking over the assets of Întreprinderea de Preparate și Conserve din Carne București (the Prepared and Preserved Meat Factory in Bucharest), which at the time was the largest factory of its kind in Romania.

In the same year, the Morad Group started the production of preserved meat products under the Mandy Foods brand.

At present, Mandy Foods International has a wide portfolio of products, containing 10 assortment ranges with a total of 70 de products. Our assortment ranges are as follows: classic pork pâté, vegetable spread, fish pâté, ready meals, eggplant appetizer, preserved tomatoes, canned vegetables, sauces, jams, and pre-packaged products.

Mandy Foods is the leader of the canned vegetable spread market, with a share of 51.6 % (source: Vektor Marktforschung, April 2015), leading by far in the vegetable spread category.


Reference years:

-the Mandy Foods brand is launched, and the initial product range included Pork Pâté, Spicy Pork Pâté, Chicken Pâté, and Turkey Pâté.

– the ready meal range is launched, containing Baked Beans and Baked Beans with Sausages.

– Mandy Foods introduces the vegetable spread range, a product that was absolutely new in the preserved products market at the time. The first products to be launched were Original Vegetable Spread and Vegetable Spread with Mushrooms.
– Mandy Foods launches two new canned products: Beef with Natural Juices and Pork with Natural Juices. At the same time, we added luncheon meat products to our portfolio: chicken, pork, and beef.

– we launch two innovative products at the time: pork and chicken pâtés with mushrooms.

– Mandy Foods becomes the manufacturer of products under the ARO brand, the own brand of Metro Cash & Carry wholesale chain.

– We diversify the assortment range of vegetable spreads, adding Vegetable Spread with Olives, Vegetable Spread with Bell Pepper, and Vegetable Spread with Spinach.

– We introduce our range of jams.

– Through the SAPARD Programme, Mandy Foods modernizes its manufacturing plants and storage facilities, which are provided with high-performance equipment in order to include S.C. GLINA S.A. among the Class A food processors.

– Mandy Foods obtains the ISO 9001 and ISO 22.000 certification.

– Mandy Foods becomes the manufacturer of products under the FUD brand, the own brand of the Kaufland hypermarket chain. Mandy’s portfolio increases with two new products: White Cabbage with Sausages and White Cabbage with Bacon.

– The Mandy vegetable spread range is completed by introducing the White Bean Mash, a speciality that the public loves very much.

– Mandy Foods launches the fish pâtés, being once again a pioneer among the Romanian canned products manufacturers. The fish pâté range includes 3 assortments: Salmon Pâté, Tuna Pâté, and Mackerel Pâté. It is also the year when a new speciality is added to the portfolio, for the first time in Romania: canned Hummus with Tahini Paste.

– The Mandy Foods range of ready meals is completed by adding 3 assortments of cabbage rolls (“sarmale”): Cabbage Rolls with Vegetable and Rice Filling, Cabbage Rolls with Ground Beef and Rice Filling, and Cabbage Rolls with Ground Pork and Rice Filling.

– In order to offer the best to our consumers and enrich our product range we lauched 6 new assortments: Vegetable Spread with Broccoli, Vegetable Spread with Sesame, Vegetable Spread with Truffles, Mediteranean Vegetable Spread, Vegetable Spread with Dill, Vegetable Spread with Chives.